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choose the good way on your future plan

i guess , everybody has different plan for their future jobs. Especially in wold of work. i have many plan for the future. But i have to consider what plan is good and will bring benefit in my life in the future?. i actually my plan is want to become an English teacher in my hometown Ketengban papua. I really the condition in my hometown,so this great occasion i have to study hard and get many knowledge so when i back to my hometown,i will implement it.

when we chose a plan don't choose the wrong way plan.we have know that we have to think more ahead. If we think positively we will success in our life .according to some research shows that the more you think about future goals an events,the more mistakes you are likely to make.So how can we make forward-looking plans in a way that maximizes our chances of winning out?
According to the latest research, humans have a few problems when we think about our future goals. First of all, we tend to overestimate how much we'll be able to get done in a particular time period. Second, we overstate how much our willpower will help us achieve our goals, because we think our will is all powerful when it comes to the future. And finally, the further we think into the future, the less we think concretely. All three of these things can lead to failure. However, there are some work-arounds that may make you more likely to make realistic plans. I want to say you that everybody choose the good plan don't choose wrong way plan. it is will bring you alive in yo future.
 this is the example of how to choose good way of your future plan. I hope everybody can do it.http://io9.com/5912199/the-wrong-way-to-plan-for-the-future

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