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 This foto i took it when the sun rises  in the morning in Borme village Ketengban Papua

 when i was in semester 4 i went to Prambanan Temple Of Jogjakarta and I took it

this foto i took in depok Beach Kretek Bantul Yogyakarta

this picture is AIL RIVER in Borme Papua
this picture is in near my boarding house JL.Colobendono No.10c Caturtungga Depok sleman,Yogyakarta-indonesia

 beautiful scenery
 Borme's airfield

 this is a bridge Borme's citizen passed this bridge go to other village or go to garden.

Depok Beach Kretek Bantul Yogyakarta-indonesia



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What do you know about teacher? somebody says teacher is  someone who teach or deliver the materials to his or her students, Or he or she will teach to somebody who didn't  know something.. The role of teacher is often formal and informal, carried out at a school or other place of formal education. In many countries, a person who wishes to become a teacher must first obtain specified professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college. The teacher will teach in school in campus or any others places.Teacher is as a educator. Its mean that teacher teach or educate to his or her students.As a teacher also have to have a competence in teaching as teaching abilities, pleasant disposition, patience,friendly always give smile when he or she is teaching and asking and answering the questions. So,the learners will understand or can get the point what the teacher taught. About the teacher i have any experiences when my teacher teach in the class.Some teachers are teach us well but some teacher not.From the my own experience i will not do as what my teacher taught  me before. I want to be a good teacher or professional teacher to teach my students.

visit to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if  you don't know about teacher
just write "teacher "on google

my live experience


      Turi Distirct Sleman Yogyakarta-indonesia

Hi... Guys meet me again ha ha ha...To begin with, I would like to tell you a my life experience. This story is not interesting for you but I just want to tell it because it’s my experience story. When I was lived in Yogyakarta, I’m ever visited a special place, that place are Turu District and Ketep Pass. The Turi District is located in Sleman Yogyakarta,under the merapi vulcano. but Ketep Pass is located in Magelang central of Java. We were ready to set off our trip by bus, with our Deans and half of staff of FKIP too.

The first we call on,to Turi District. We aim at want to know how to production about Salak Fruits. We needed one hour. Finally we arrived there safely.That Salak we sometimes saw in the shops and market seller sell it.So,we went there and we could see the Salak garden and a mechine to production too. That’s very important to me to know it. By the time we on a tour and we were enjoying in the garden when owner salak received us. And directly we were tried to taste it. I feel to like its if owner permit us to try to eat direct in his garden. So you can imagine that. There are many kinds of salak he usually productioned.The production is not only one kind but it’s added other fruits like: bananas, mango and salak. This case is made us very interested with his products too. Because he has a machine to producing salak. But not only had that he also often got advantage. His income per-month is 1,500 rupiahns, so he got its much profit. On the other hand, based on an observation from Gajah Mada University Lecturer. He said that’ this salak is nicer than other and also it’s famous in Java Island and one of them is found in Turi District Sleman Yogyakarta. We take a round in the salak garden around thirty minutes. 


After that. a few minutes later we come back to production room .The room is also completely with production mechine,more less twenty minutes he tried to explained about process to production. According to the research the result is good and the taste is like sugar. And they said that its mix with sugar? But ist not actually he just makes mixture with water and fry with oil This is a reality because I saw from near the production place 

 Ketep Pass view Magelang Central Java-Indonesia

.After we content with his salak and all thing found in Turi.We went along our trip to Ketep Pass Magelang Central Java. On the way suddenly the bus was pumped into with a truck so the tires split into. When the bus pumped it was raining. We were waiting for thirty minutes while the bus driver was fixed. After already fixed we continued .Finally we arrived in ketep Pass.The next we come into the museum and the custodian museum turned around the film volcano and we were watching. The film is about volcano. There are also we want to know what happened about volcano from year to year.
It has two building the first building is for to watch the film about volcano history and space to accept the guests. The seconds building is for to save and take care of object from volcano, like stones some picture the natty of mount, and assertive appliance to see the natty mount circumstance so that to be taking care of activity of citizen of vicinity and before happened by the natty mount explosion worker will immediately advise it to all citizen of exist in natty mount region. So, there are no event can be happened to all of the citizen again in the volcano area .In the afternoon we coming back to home about five o’clock

halo everybody if you visit to Jogjakarta don't forget to visit also in Turi Districts Cangkringan Sleman under the volcano  and taste salak fruit there, it's nice salak that found in this place. :)

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Who don't know if every person has a goal in their life?.  Everyone has long-term Goals or Aspirations. Every person has different goal in their life, and they want to achieve it. So, this occasion i want to tell you a goal. First,We all need goals in life if we want to accomplish things that are important to us, and B) everything we do, no matter how big or how small, makes a difference in reaching or falling short of these goals. So when you set your goal please consider whether it you will success or fall. Before you receive your goal ,you have to do something that you will achieve you goal. Yeah you have to work hard, optimistic and and always believe yourselves,so later on you will achieve as success person. 

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choose the good way on your future plan

i guess , everybody has different plan for their future jobs. Especially in wold of work. i have many plan for the future. But i have to consider what plan is good and will bring benefit in my life in the future?. i actually my plan is want to become an English teacher in my hometown Ketengban papua. I really the condition in my hometown,so this great occasion i have to study hard and get many knowledge so when i back to my hometown,i will implement it.

when we chose a plan don't choose the wrong way plan.we have know that we have to think more ahead. If we think positively we will success in our life .according to some research shows that the more you think about future goals an events,the more mistakes you are likely to make.So how can we make forward-looking plans in a way that maximizes our chances of winning out?
According to the latest research, humans have a few problems when we think about our future goals. First of all, we tend to overestimate how much we'll be able to get done in a particular time period. Second, we overstate how much our willpower will help us achieve our goals, because we think our will is all powerful when it comes to the future. And finally, the further we think into the future, the less we think concretely. All three of these things can lead to failure. However, there are some work-arounds that may make you more likely to make realistic plans. I want to say you that everybody choose the good plan don't choose wrong way plan. it is will bring you alive in yo future.
 this is the example of how to choose good way of your future plan. I hope everybody can do it.


I really thanked to God because God still has given me a breath so I can live until now. This time I will make a blog to tell my opinion by writing and i want to share it to everybody so can read,feel,and share.
Firstly,Let me to introduce myself, my name is ELIPIUS Lizhanny LEPI. you can call me ELIP I was born in Sikibur-Borme Papua on  fourteen of October 1992. I graduated Elementary School 2002,Junior High School 2005,and then Senior High School 2008.After i finished i joined Pegunungan Bintang Regency Program's its called MATRIKULASI in Sanata Dharma UNiversity. almost one year I joined it. In 2009 I came into sanata dharma universty.  Now, I studying in Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta.My department is ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCATION STUDY PROGRAM OF SANATA DHARMA UNIVERSITY YOGYAKARTA.
I’m the sixth child from the seven. Five are girl and two are
Hi! Guys...Meet me again to write my writing. On this occasion I would like to tell you about my dream. I think all of us have different plans, but now I want to tell you especial for my plans or called dream. Since I sit in Junior High school my dream is want to be a professional teacher till in Bench College now. The first I have chosen English Language Education study Program in Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta.

Why I choose English Education Study Program? The reasons are I want to become an English teacher, I want to be fluent speak English, and I also want to teach somebody else who don’t know well about English language, I think In English language Education study Program I will get good job quickly and get many friends from another country too.

After I have done the entire thing I will back to my hometown and teach my students. And they can understand what the English language is. So, now I must study hard and I won’t give up after I finish the study. Besides that I want to become a businessman too. I want to work in mind company maybe. So, my area can go forward and self-supporting to create the something new from previous. And this is really will be stamped if I’m serious draw up from now. If I was in the opportunity hence my lecture progressively heap and cannot finish with the value which have standard. And also I cannot burden to weigh against to my parent to defray my tuition.

Thank you very much may God Bless You All. :)