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I really thanked to God because God still has given me a breath so I can live until now. This time I will make a blog to tell my opinion by writing and i want to share it to everybody so can read,feel,and share.
Firstly,Let me to introduce myself, my name is ELIPIUS Lizhanny LEPI. you can call me ELIP I was born in Sikibur-Borme Papua on  fourteen of October 1992. I graduated Elementary School 2002,Junior High School 2005,and then Senior High School 2008.After i finished i joined Pegunungan Bintang Regency Program's its called MATRIKULASI in Sanata Dharma UNiversity. almost one year I joined it. In 2009 I came into sanata dharma universty.  Now, I studying in Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta.My department is ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCATION STUDY PROGRAM OF SANATA DHARMA UNIVERSITY YOGYAKARTA.
I’m the sixth child from the seven. Five are girl and two are boys.LIZHALEPI@YAHOO.COMlizhalepi@yahoo.com
Hi! Guys...Meet me again to write my writing. On this occasion I would like to tell you about my dream. I think all of us have different plans, but now I want to tell you especial for my plans or called dream. Since I sit in Junior High school my dream is want to be a professional teacher till in Bench College now. The first I have chosen English Language Education study Program in Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta.

Why I choose English Education Study Program? The reasons are I want to become an English teacher, I want to be fluent speak English, and I also want to teach somebody else who don’t know well about English language, I think In English language Education study Program I will get good job quickly and get many friends from another country too.

After I have done the entire thing I will back to my hometown and teach my students. And they can understand what the English language is. So, now I must study hard and I won’t give up after I finish the study. Besides that I want to become a businessman too. I want to work in mind company maybe. So, my area can go forward and self-supporting to create the something new from previous. And this is really will be stamped if I’m serious draw up from now. If I was in the opportunity hence my lecture progressively heap and cannot finish with the value which have standard. And also I cannot burden to weigh against to my parent to defray my tuition.

Thank you very much may God Bless You All. :)

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