Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Pertemuan ke 6, Aggota Komapo Belajar Meresensi Buku

Yogyakarta-Komnews, Sanata Dharma University was established five days for learning process  and working activities. The activities starting from Monday to Friday. Usually during the five days always busy, and the Saturday is off  together, as well as other agencies. Every Saturday the campus atmosphere is always quiet, only the birds flying decorate the campus. However, on Saturday 1/18/14, even people who enliven the campus, they are the  Papuan students was thirsty for knowledge, so the come and learn the knowledge. http://www.komapo.org/index.php/berita/lokal/30-berita/519-pertemuan-ke-6-aggota-komapo-belajar-cara-resensi-sebuah-buku-


Yogyakarta- Komnews , well,Who are not  know about internet? Of course every body in this  world are already knew , either from among the teenagers , adults and even all people in this world . Internet was originally known in 1960s in the United States . At that time they built a network or the Internet to find out the of their military presence , and could know where they are . Therefore , they build some  internet network, said Piteng Uropdana on his training journalists held by Komapo , o Friday ( 17/01/2014 ) in room II/K16 ,at Sanata Dharma University , Yogyakarta.

In  his explanation; He said that this also related to developing era it also was developed for anyone or anything else . The Internet was created for accessing information in different parts of the world . With growing Internet everyone can access easily and get more actual information .

In the use of internet is very useful for all people , for example education , business and other benefits , but not everyone knows or knows which  about the use of the Internet itself . This is for example how to operate the Internet itself . With developments such as these that we are required to know what the use of the internet .

Furthermore , all of the participants gave the change to make their own g mail and blogger address ,so the participant curious to try to make their own blog.. This topic is very interesting for all of us who were present at that time . After  explained all, Komapo participants were given the opportunity to try to make G mail and their own blog .

It really makes the participant of make them happy and was interested  j. Through the training , participants can create an email and bloggers for their posts will load . Making g mail , email , blogs and even the web is very exciting indeed word trainee , said Aben Mul . ( written by Elip Lepi ).http://www.komapo.org/index.php/berita/lokal/30-berita/517-peserta-pelatihan-jurnalis-bangga-bisa-membuat-blogger