Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Pertemuan ke 6, Aggota Komapo Belajar Meresensi Buku

Yogyakarta-Komnews, Sanata Dharma University was established five days for learning process  and working activities. The activities starting from Monday to Friday. Usually during the five days always busy, and the Saturday is off  together, as well as other agencies. Every Saturday the campus atmosphere is always quiet, only the birds flying decorate the campus. However, on Saturday 1/18/14, even people who enliven the campus, they are the  Papuan students was thirsty for knowledge, so the come and learn the knowledge. http://www.komapo.org/index.php/berita/lokal/30-berita/519-pertemuan-ke-6-aggota-komapo-belajar-cara-resensi-sebuah-buku-

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