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The game of charcoal

Traditional game 

The game of charcoal 

The charcoal game is one of the game of children in Ketengban Tribe Pegunungan Bintang Regency of Papua . The game is done in a group,  maximum 3 people in one group. There is several rules that they have to know before they play the game of charcoal. Before the game begins one person who will represent for two groups to take the charcoal which was already provided, as for game in ways that are usually done in  one person take the charcoal then put into the hands that they have been folded. in every group, after take charcoal , one group will fold their hand and then one of them the enemies will come and attack them. After input the charcoal they will count one to three and hold each. After that the enemy will come and attack them to win or to get the charcoal. And how to shoot it,should be scrutinized, after that shoot one of the right or left hand. If they  shoot one of the hand that they holds the charcoal , then it was won. But if it did not shot the hand that they hold then it was  lost. The last thing is when they want to hold the charcoal,but suddenly fall down it will be failed. So they have to give it to the other group.

The aim of this game to keep their tribe. So the there is no enemy come to their tribe.

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