Jumat, 01 Maret 2013


before we leave we were gathered in front of Gedung Pusat USD

On 23th of February 2013 saturday last week, we went  to KALI BOYONG,pakem sleman,Yogyakarta, we took out from Sanata dharma university at 07,o'clock by bus.we are  MIMIKAPEGUNUNGAN BINTANG and also staff of FKIP USD too. This aim is to do something that it makes us fresh and think critically. in kali boyong we were doing some games, the names of games are

permainan paku

permainan pimpong

permainan tali

menyeberang bambu dll

this games are so fun and we might enjoy that.  From that games i could get many benefit things. All of the games are related to my life and also related to my study. i thing this very important for me in the future.i may implement this to my students  or somebody in my hometown-Borme-Papua


this  picture showed that some of us were registration in Kali Boyong 

Tiger's group were performing the jel jel 
this is Elias and I were passing the bamboo

tigers' group hehehhe
we were playing some games hehe
we were playing some games the names is nail games hehe
we were playing some games hehe
took pictures together heheee

its me

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