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Pertemuan ke 6, Aggota Komapo Belajar Meresensi Buku

Yogyakarta-Komnews, Sanata Dharma University was established five days for learning process  and working activities. The activities starting from Monday to Friday. Usually during the five days always busy, and the Saturday is off  together, as well as other agencies. Every Saturday the campus atmosphere is always quiet, only the birds flying decorate the campus. However, on Saturday 1/18/14, even people who enliven the campus, they are the  Papuan students was thirsty for knowledge, so the come and learn the knowledge. http://www.komapo.org/index.php/berita/lokal/30-berita/519-pertemuan-ke-6-aggota-komapo-belajar-cara-resensi-sebuah-buku-


Yogyakarta- Komnews , well,Who are not  know about internet? Of course every body in this  world are already knew , either from among the teenagers , adults and even all people in this world . Internet was originally known in 1960s in the United States . At that time they built a network or the Internet to find out the of their military presence , and could know where they are . Therefore , they build some  internet network, said Piteng Uropdana on his training journalists held by Komapo , o Friday ( 17/01/2014 ) in room II/K16 ,at Sanata Dharma University , Yogyakarta.

In  his explanation; He said that this also related to developing era it also was developed for anyone or anything else . The Internet was created for accessing information in different parts of the world . With growing Internet everyone can access easily and get more actual information .

In the use of internet is very useful for all people , for example education , business and other benefits , but not everyone knows or knows which  about the use of the Internet itself . This is for example how to operate the Internet itself . With developments such as these that we are required to know what the use of the internet .

Furthermore , all of the participants gave the change to make their own g mail and blogger address ,so the participant curious to try to make their own blog.. This topic is very interesting for all of us who were present at that time . After  explained all, Komapo participants were given the opportunity to try to make G mail and their own blog .

It really makes the participant of make them happy and was interested  j. Through the training , participants can create an email and bloggers for their posts will load . Making g mail , email , blogs and even the web is very exciting indeed word trainee , said Aben Mul . ( written by Elip Lepi ).http://www.komapo.org/index.php/berita/lokal/30-berita/517-peserta-pelatihan-jurnalis-bangga-bisa-membuat-blogger

Senin, 16 Desember 2013

Ketengban vocabulary

Ketengban Vocabulary
Ketengban                              Indonesia                                Inggris

Abuko                                    Duduklah                               Sit Here Please
Abukuneme                            Kita DudukDisini                   We Sit Here
Acai                                        Di sini                                         Here
Adio                                       Lihat Ini                                    Look At This
Agele                                      Batu Ini                                   This Stone
AgelAke                                 Batu Ini                                   That Stone
Aitam                                     Halaman                                 Yard
Akonuma                                Sudah                                     Already
Allah                                       Ymk                                       God
Alen                                        Tas                                          Bag
Aneng                                     Mereka                                   They
Aner                                       Dia Perempuan                        She
Ange                                       Yang Ini                                 This One
Am                                         Keladi                                     Taro
Ambutumi                              Kemarin                                  Yesterday
Ami,ame                                 DiaLaki-Laki                          He
Amul                                      Telinga                                    Ear
Amutara                                 Dibawa                                   Under
Asimna                                   Pertanyaan, Tanya                  Question, Ask
Aso/Urasin                             Wajah                                     Face
Asuru                                      Mata                                       Eyes
Ataru                                      Sakarang                                 Now
AtengKouna                           Mengikat, Ikat                        String, Cord To Tie
Ati                                          Rumah                                    House
AtiPum                                   DalamRumah                         In The House/Home
Atumi                                     HariIni                                    Today
Asei                                        Di sini                                      Here
AseiMapkune                         SayaTidurDisini                     I Sleep Here
Ayayo                                     Datang Kesini                         Come Here
Ball                                         Ular                                        Snake
Balapu                                    Koteka                                    Penis Sheath Of Papua
BanangaNeng                         Orang Telanjang                     Canibal
Ban Mutu                               Rawah                                  Swamp, Marsh
BanaPotong                            Kumis                                     Mustache
Beo                                         Pergi                                       Go
Bepe                                       Kami Pergi                             We Go
Bere                                        DiaPergi                                 She/He Goes
Betene                                    Dua                                         Two
Bira/Lang                               Kemaluan Perempuan           Vagina
Bisau/Bicau                            Sedih/Kasihan                        Sorry/Lonely
Bisam                                     Babi                                        Pig
Bol                                          Kulit                                       Skin
Bon                                         Lubang                                   Hole
Boun                                       Bosan                                     Tired
Bongna                                   Bagi                                        Divide
Bukko                                     Duduklah                               Have A Sit Please
Buri                                        Tangan                                    Hand
Buri Gala                                Kuku JariTangan                    Fingernails
BuraMutu                               Hutan                                     Forest
Buta                                        Kotor                                      Dirty
Butenye                                  Dua                                         Two
Co/So                                     Kayu                                       Wood
Dabale                                    Bosan                                     Boring
Damai                                     Dekat                                      Near
Dancaido                                Dimana                                   Where
Dando                                    Mana                                      Which One
Dana                                       Me-Masak                              Cook
Dio                                         Melihat                                   watching
Dina                                        Melihat                                   Looked
Dena                                       Mati                                        Dead
Dupe                                       Dada                                       Chest
Dua                                         Awan                                      Weather
Dingna                                    Bersiram                                 Be Cascaded
Dona                                       Kerja                                       Work
Dona                                       Kawin                                     Married
Den                                         Kemaluan Laki-Laki               Penis
Dopo                                      Buang                                     Throw
Delau                                      Botak                                      Bald
Deipar                                     Toilet                                      W.C (Water Close)
Dingna                                    Siram                                      Bathing Place
Deremna                                 Marah                                     Angry
Dinino                                    Tetapi                                     But
Dirine                                     Terang                                    Bright
Deko                                       Tutup                                      Close
Dundongona                          Menyambung                         Conection
Dombana                                Kejar/Memperlombakan         Race
Desember                               BulanKe 12                            December
Dumbari                                 Empat                                     Four
Dopropo                                 Disuru Ambil                           To Take
Dongon So                             Kayu Bakar                             Fire-Wood
Dukna                                     Muntah                                   Vomit
Du-Ner                                   Kaka Perempuan                    Sister
Du-Ngebo                              Kaka Laki-Laki                      Brother
Embana                                  Berjalan                                  Walk
Engena                                   Menangis                                Weep
Epropo                                    Cari                                         Look For
Er-Ngi                                    Punya Dia                                Her’s /Hi’s
Er-Ner                                    Istri-Nya                                 His Wife
Er-Ningi                                 Suami                                     Husband
Er-Mi                                      Anak Laki-Laki                       His/Her Son
Er-NerMi                                Anak Perempuan                     Girl, Younger Daughter
Er-Mam                                  Om-Nya                                 his. / Her Uncle
Er-Malner                               Adik Perempuan                     Sister
Epo                                         Mencari                                  Looking
Er-Sap/cap                              Dengan/bersamaDia               WithHer/Him
Epmare                                   Sudah Dapat                           Already Got
Ersidano                                 Nama-Nya Siapa                     What Is Her/His Name
Enge                                       Merah                                      Red
Famubari                                Lima                                       Five
Gamkuna                                Hidup                                     Life/Live
Gawaldangna                         Selesai                                    Finished
Gamna                                    Rebus                                     Boiled
Galemna                                 Potong                                    Cut
Gaet                                        Keras                                      Hard
Gang                                       Bambu                                    Bamboo
Gume                                      Tidak                                      No
Gekena                                   Dengar                                    Hear
Gutam                                    Lutut                                      Knee, Kneed
Gekrum                                  Leher                                      Neck
Gemena                                  Sombong                                Arrogant, Proud
Giso                                        Kepala                                    Head
Gongona                                 Kupas                                     Remove Peel
GongaKemna                         Dimulai                                   Get Started
Gel                                          Batu                                        Gel
Gel Wenenga                          Pasir                                        Sand
Gen                                         Busur                                      Bow
Hari                                        Hari                                        Day
Ikine                                       Berat                                       Heavy
Im                                           Langit                                     Sky, The Heavens
Ipna                                        Pagi                                        Morning
Idona                                      Sore                                        Afternoon
Ipmare                                    SudahMalam                          Evening
Isomka                                    Kaya                                       Rich
Isok                                        Setan                                      Devil
Ila                                           Besar                                      Big
Irona                                       sore                                         afternoon
Itara                                        BagianAtas                             On The Top
Jen                                          busur                                       bow
Jene                                        Makanan                                 Food
Jepo                                        Di SuruMakan                        Please Eat
Kapul                                      Belum                                     Not Yet
Kaille                                      Tahu                                       Know
Katum                                    Pipi                                         Flat, Thin
Karepo                                    member-kan                            Give
Kan                                         Kamu                                      You
Kam                                        Anjing                                    Dog
KanKesa                                 Punya-Mu                               Your’s
Kaberner                                 PerempuanMuda                    Youngwomen
Kaberngebo                            Laki-LakiMuda                      Youngmen
Kael                                        Tau                                         See/Know
Kain                                        BuahMerah                             Red Fruit
Kalemna                                 Masak Gunakan Daun              Cook With Leaf
Kail                                         Pantat                                     Buttock
Kando                                    Kamu Kah                               Are You
Kan                                         Kamu                                      You
Kapal                                      Kapal                                      Ship, Boat        
Kekol                                      Ketiak                                     Armpit
Kenengna                               Pakai                                       Wear/Involve The Use Of
Keteng                                    Matahari                                 Sun
Ketengban                              Bagian Matahar iTerbenam      Sundown,sun set
Ket                                         Asap                                       Smoke, Smoked
Ketekemna                             Membuat                                Fabricating, Making
Ketenemna                             Siap                                        Ready, Prepared
Kuma                                      Jahe                                        Gingger
Kupe                                       Tikus Besar                              Rate
Kunungna                               Gelap                                      Dark/Cloudy
Kwelepma                              Cenderawasi                           Bird Of Paradise
Kurun                                     Putih                                       White
Kikiman                                  Sama-Sama                             Together
Kuprapdo                               Berapa                                    How
Kilina                                      Hapus                                     Completely Remove, Clean
Kwaneng                                Petatas                                    Potetoes
Kwallye                                  Pisang                                     Banana
Konuma                                  Sudah                                     Already Done
Kote                                       Jurang                                     Ravine, Gorge, Chasm
Kompor                                  Kompor                                  Hote Plate, Stove
Kware                                     Takut                                      Afraid
Kwar-Ngebo                          Penakut                                  Coward
Kina                                        Isi                                           Contents
Kunumna                                Beli                                         Pay For
Lang                                       Kemaluan Perempuan             Vagina
Lemu                                      Lidah                                      Tongue
Lukunda                                 Malam                                    Night
Leng                                       Sayap                                      Wing
Lye                                         Cawat                                     Loincloth, Wear A Loincloth
Lilong                                     Ingus                                      Nasal Mucus, Snot
Lumdongona                          Lupa                                       Forget, Forgot
Mapkune                                Saya Tidur                               I Sleep
Mapremdo                              Tidur Kah                                Are You Sleeping
Makuna                                  Menolong                               Help, Helping
Mali                                        Tidak Baik                               Not Well
Mana                                      Tidur                                       Sleep
Ma                                          Burung                                   Bird
Ma Potong                              Bulu Burung                            Bird Hair
Mangga                                  Mangga                                  Manggo
Mallya                                    Sayur                                      Vegetable
Moupra                                   Hati-Hati                                Becareful
Mo                                          Hujan                                      Rain
Mokon                                    Kolam                                     Pond, Pool
Morona                                   Meminta                                 Require, Demand
Mem                                       Jangan                                    Forbid, Prohibit
Meme                                     Dilarang                                  Prohibition
Melimna                                 Tolong                                    Help
Mekina                                   Ikan                                        Fish
Metek                                     Kecil                                       Little
Me                                          Air                                          Water
Me Lum                                  Air Terjun                               Water Fall
Mesa                                       Sagu                                       Sago Palm
Menmena                                Cepat/Mempercepat               Quick, Haried
Merena                                   Tarian                                     Dancer
Menengna                               Kumpul                                  Gathered
Mepum                                   Dalam Air                               In The Water
Mekuna                                  Mencuci                                  Washing
Megengna                               Mandi                                     Take A Bathe
Medekikuna                           Berenang                                Swimming
Mungna                                  AnginRibut                            Wind
Mutu                                       Daerah                                    Territory, Area
Mundu                                    Perut                                       Stomach
MutSemna                              Tarian                                     Dancers
Mut-Muta                               Rumput                                  Grass, Weeds
Murmur                                  Bisik-Bisik                              Say In Whisper
Mutana                                   Gila                                         Crazy
MutanaNgebo                        Orang Gila                              Crazy Man
Nai                                          Bapa                                       Father
Na Pubo                                 Kakek                                     Grandfather
Nanas                                     Nanas                                     Pineaple
Nesela                                     Mereka                                   They
Nerapu                                    Perempuan                              Women/Woman
Ne                                           Saya                                        I
Nenge                                     PunyaSaya                              Mine
Ne Weit/Ner                           AdikLaki/Perempuan             Younger Brother/Sister
Ne Ner                                    IstriSaya                                 My Wife
Ne Nenge                               SuamiSaya                              My Husband
Ne Duner                                Kaka Perempuan                    My Sister
Ne Nau                                   Nenek                                     Grandmother
Ne Kapuneng                         Rekanan                                 Parther, Friend
Ne Nerngebo                          IparLaki-Laki                         Causin- In-Law
Ne Basiner                              IparPerempuan                       Sister-In-Law
Nyapu                                     Anak-Anak                             Children
Ne Kabo                                 Teman                                     Friend
Ne Ati                                    RumahSaya                            My House
Ne Mutu                                 Daerah Saya                           My Territory, Country
Ne Yuk                                   SayaSendiri                            Myself
Ne Pua                                    Sendirian                                Olone
Nepue                                     SudahBesar                            Already Big
Ne Tenena                              SayaPikir                                I Think
Nimi                                       Orang-Orang                          People
Nine                                        Mama/Ibu                               Mother
Nun Nai                                  Bapa Kami                             Our Father
Nun Nin                                 Mama/Ibu Kami                     Our Mother
Nun Upu                                Bahasa Kami                          Our Language
Nunge                                     Punya Kami                            Ours
Nungna                                   Hitung                                    Count
Nun                                        Kami                                       We
Nun Dubo                              Kaka Laki-Laki                      Our Brother
Nong                                      Badan                                     Body
Nongme                                  Keringat                                 Sweat
Ordano                                   Disana                                    There
Orbeo                                     PergiKesana                           Go There
Or Mutu                                 Daerah Sana                           That Territory Or Area
Opo                                        Gendung                                Carry, (Esp.Children) Carried
Oh                                          Kata Sedih                             Wow, Sorry
Or Dio                                    LihatDisana                            See There
Orlena                                     Bersikan                                 Clear, Clean Off
Orngi                                      Yang Sana                              That One
Parang                                    Parang                                    The Wolf-Herring
Palina                                      Meng-Gali                              Dig, (Hole, Well)
Pakaian                                   Pakaian                                   Clothes, Suit, Uniform, Dress
Pepo                                       Bilang                                     Say
Peldona                                  Kerja                                       Jobs
Peteremna                               Mengajar                                Teach
PeteremnaNgebo                    Guru                                       Teacher
Peo                                         Cerita                                      Tell, Story
Pepu                                       Bilang                                     Said
Pona                                       Pukul                                      Strike
Poponga/Ma Poponga            Kupu-Kupu                            Butterfly
Potong                                    Rambut                                   Hair Of The Head
Pumbon                                  Lubang                                   Hole
Pujena                                     Sakit                                       Sick, Ill
Puto                                        Kuat                                       Strong
PutoNgebo                             Orang Kuat                            Strong Man
PutoNer                                  PerempuanKuat                      Strong Women
Piring                                      Piring                                      Plate
Pioto                                       Sangat                                    Very
Pio                                          Lama                                      Long
Popi                                        Bunuh                                     Crossed Out
Quisiyung                               Otak                                       Brain
Rabu                                       Rabu                                       Wednesday
Sambala                                  Bayangan                               Shadow, Imagination
Sangna                                    Jatuh                                       Fall, fall from A High
Sabun                                     Sabun                                     Soap
Semna                                     Goyang                                   Shaky, Rock
Sengna                                    Menulis                                   Write, Draw
Seprabana                               Lari                                         Run, Running
Sengna                                    DapatMemotong                    Take a Short Cut
Sunda                                     Kamu                                      you’re
Sun Yuma                              KamuSemua                           All of You
Sun Upu                                 BahasaMereka                        Theirs Language
Sua                                         Daun                                    Leaf
So, Co                                    Kayu                                       Wood, Tree
So.co Bo                                 Daun                                       Leaf
So/co Teru                              CabangKayu                          Branch Off
So/co Du                                BuahPohon                             Fruit
So/co Gu                                BatangKayu                           Stem Wood
Soli/soulyeNer                        IbuJanda                                 Widower
Sintara/                                   Sore                                        Afternoon, Early Evening
Singlina                                  Menutup                                 Close, Shut
Siki                                         Debu                                       Dust, Grit
Sipal                                       Mulut                                   Mouth
Si Du                                      Gigi                                      Tooth
Taprume                                 Tinggal                                 Leaved
Tamupra                                 Kembali                                Turn, Return
Tali                                         Salah                                    False
Tamna                                     Tinggalkan                           Leave
Taki                                        Duri                                      Thorn, Burr, Spine
Taupena                                  Gatal                                    Itch, Itchiness
Tapangna                                Tambah                                Add, Additional
Tali-Tali Kuna                        Sewenang-Wenang              Arbitary
Teka                                        Benar                                    Correct, Right
Telep                                       Bagus                                   Good
Telepe                                     Selamat                                Happiness, Pleasant
Telepe Da Beo                        SelamatJalan                        Good Bye
Tempu                                    Satu                                      One
Tenena                                    Pikir                                      Opinion, Idea, Thought
Tenimna                                  Berpikir                                Thinking
Tema                                       Pisau/Parang                         Knife
Tengna                                    Berdiri                                  Stand
Tonge                                     Bau                                       Smell, Aroma
Ton Nge                                 Yang Itu                               That One
Tonga                                     KorekApi                             Safety Matches
Tomopropo                             Tertangkap                           Get Caught
Tuan                                       Orang Besar                         Mr/Sir
Tu                                           Tanah                                   Land
Uang                                       Uang                                    Money
Ukuda                                    Sekarang                              Now
Ukutara                                  SekarangIni                          Nowadays, Right Now
Ukuna                                     Begini                                   Like This
Ukupo                                    Begitu                                  Like That
Umpena                                  PesawatTerbang                   Airplane
Upu                                        Bahasa                                  Language
UpuWengna                           Pertemuan                            Meeting
Upula                                      Mencuri                                Thief
UpulaNgebo                           Orang Pencuri                      Thief Men
Upna                                       Senter                                   Flaslight, Spotlight
Upu Pena                                Berbicara                              Speak, Speaking
Ue                                           Hidung                                 Nose
Urasin                                     Wajah                                   Face, Countenance
Waryado                                 Apa                                      What
WaryaTep Do                         Kenapa                                 What For, For What
Wa                                          Kebun                                  Garden
WaiDamai                              DekatKebun                         Near Garden
Wapena                                  Berkebun                              Farm, Plant For A Living
Warengna                               Menjaga                               Kept An Eye Out Dry
Wal-Wal                                 Tidak Tau                             Not Know
War                                         Bulan                                    Month, Moon
Walang                                   Kosong                                 Empty, Blank, Zero
Welena                                   Naik                                     Climb, Go Up (On)
Wenemna                               Marah                                   Angry
Wena                                      Pilih                                      Choose Chose
Wepra                                     Memilih                                Choosy, Choose, Fastidious
Wengna                                  Masuk                                  Enter, Go Into
Weit                                        Adik                                     Younger Brother Or Sister
Weik/Illa                                 Besar                                    Big
WeikKunna                            Paling Besar                         Biggerst
Wina                                       Me,Jahit                               Sewing
Wisi                                        Tua                                       Old
Yayo                                       Datang                                 Come
Yan                                         Kaki                                     Foot
Yan Du                                   Jari Kaki                               Toes
Yapo                                       Jangan (Larang)                   Do Not
Yambul                                   Kecil                                     Small, Little
Yuma                                      Semua                                  All
Yapi                                        Darah, Berdarah                   Blood, Bleeding
Yantang                                  Telapak Kaki                        Toest
Yuk                                        Lain                                      Other, Another,
Yuk-Yuk                                Berbeda, Lain-Lain              Different
Yu                                          Jahat                                     Bad, Wicked, Evil
Yo                                          Tulang                                  Bone
Yo                                          Setuju                                   Agree, Like